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Hiking on the Renon under the southern sun, in the heart of South Tyrol!

Our information and offers

Sleep 7 nights

from the !st of april 2023 to the 27th of may 2023
starting from € 141,00 for 2 person with breakfast and the RittenCard

Ostern und Frühling am Ritten in Südtirol


  • one guided hike a week from april to october
  • one ascent and descent to the Rittner Horn per day for you free of charge (mid May to end of October with the RittenCard, you receive from us)
  • GPS-device from Garmin for rental (price euro 5,00)
  • topografical map (price euro 2,50)
  • walking sticks for free rental
  • weather info at the reception
  • we can organize taxis to get back to the hotel
  • laundry service (to pay)

The little Wolfsgruben lake

The small swimming lake is only a 4 minute walk away from us. Nestled between idyllic forests, it invites you to swim, sunbathe, enjoy or even fish. Approval from the fisheries authority is required.

The pyramid of earth

The earth pyramids are a geological peculiarity. The development of this from the ground growing organ pipes dates back to the ice age, in which the glaciers contained the moraine material deposited here, of which the earth pyramids consist. These pillars grow due to erosion steadily, and also because of this erosion they will also disappear as soon as the capstone falling off of them. The earth pyramids are in the Finsterbach valley between Lengmoos and Mittelberg, in the Katzenbach valley below Oberbozen (very close to us) and Unterinn.
Erdpyramiden bei Mittelberg am Ritten in Südtirol 

The Plattner Hof, the beemuseum

Closed to our house you will find the Plattner Bienenhof. It is about 600 years old and can be considered one of the most picturesque farms in South Tyrol. At the end of the 1980's the Gramms, a business family from Bozen restored the farm over a period of about four years, as the farm had had no work done to it during the whole of the 20th century. The farm is now a museum for apiculture, where you can find an extensive collection of objects concerning historical apiculture. The living quarters of the farm have been restored to their original form and provide the visitor with an insight into the life of alpine farmers in days gone by. Nearly all of the exposed objects are original articles of which were used in everyday life and now bear witness to the old, ancient agricultural life in South Tyrol. Outside the visitor can admire a typical farm garden and a pond and, last but not least, enjoy unspoilt nature, peace and quiet and the unforgettable view of the Ortler to the Dolomites.

Imkermuseum und Bienenmuseum am Ritten Südtirol

Arts and Culture

Renon art lovers will have their bright joy: No less than 30 religious buildings from different eras adorn the image here and testify to the still highly practiced Catholicism. One of the most important is the "Kommende" of the Teutonic Order in Lengmoos. It was founded in the 13th Century as a hospice.
The teutonic order hospice
Since the Middle Ages the Eisack ravine has not been passable to merchants, pilgrims, and even emperors. So all of them had to crossed over Renon. At the highest point, the St. Ulrich's Pass, a hospital was built, which represented a place to sleep for travelers. Also about 60 emperors have stayed when they came to Rome for the coronation. In the 14th Century the Kunterweg was builded through the Eisacktal. So the hospice suddenly lost its importance, and become a religious place of the Teutonic Order. Today there are guided tours, concerts and exhibitions. In the court are held annually the Rittner Summer Games, open-air theater.

Shopping in Bolzano

Long ago Bolzano has developed into a shopping and cultural city. Its old town with the famous arcades, the old houses with paintings, the shopping area, the bars and pubs invite you to have a relaxed stay in Bolzano. You can reach Bolzano comfortably in only 12 minutes with our panoramic cable car! She runs every 4 minute and takes you almost to the center (about 5 minutes). And it's free with the RittenCard that you receive from us!

Oetzi in Bozen - Oetzi a Bolzano

" Frozen Fritz " the Iceman in the Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano


free with RittenCard!

Oetzi in Bozen - Oetzi a Bolzano

Link to the museum

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